Friday - Hijinx at a Japanese Supermarket and Moogles fighting Japanese Monsters were the highlight of this day.
( Our room was so pretty when we got there.. Not for long... ) ( Reg lines.. long... too long.. feeling rage building! ) ( Even in the desolate area of Arlington Heights, there was hope.. a Mitsuwa!! ) ( Cosplayers shopping like its a normal day.. .. wait, what's that? ) ( Hey.. you can buy.... FIRE!!!!! )
( This con brought to you by.. IN!  .. yes.. in. ) ( I see shrimp.  This can't be good. ) ( Actual event - the cosplayers found the toys in candy boxes section, and moved fast enough to blur.  TOYS!!!! ) ( Checking out the costume before hitting the floor.  No, she can't see a thing in those bangs. ) ( Live action cosplay!  Coming to a stage near you! )
( Hey man, you got a light? ) ( Wait a minute, I'm a BLACK MAGE!  <fireball> ) ( One of my favorite shots of the con, nice soft lighting under the trees. ) ( Boob shot.  Don't drool guys, my website is certified NODROOL, I'd like to keep it that way. ) ( What do you say to get attention of cosplayers from 30 feet away?  'HHHEEEEEEEYYYYY YYYOOOOUUUUU GGGGUUUUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSS!!!' )
( The photographer trips out.  No really, there's DDR even in the carpet, and I did my best to hit the arrows right! ) ( Of course, these guys do it properly, on the machine.  'No one escapess... THE MACHINE!' ) ( I'd like to protest - this guy's hair was NOT registered or peace-bonded. ) ( His sword was made out of several different types of wood, beautiful craftsmanship. ) ( 'Errr, that's a revolver, not a derringer.'  'It'll still shoot you, now shut up and take the picture.' )
( Gojira invites someone to pull his tail. ) ( Moogle, 'Hey, you wanna piece of me, YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME??!  I'm gonna show you some KUPO KUNG FU!' ) ( Gojira, 'Nope, just talk to the hand.  Talk to the hand.' ) ( Can't we all just get along?? ) ( Gojira shakes a tailfeather. )

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