Personal Favorites

With Katsucon 007, I'm putting in a new section for convention reviews..  Personal favorites are exactly what it sounds like, picks of my favorite pictures from the bunch.  The exact decision on what comprises a personal favorite will differ.

I may also talk a bit about either the editing process or some other item that I feel should be mentioned.. Anyhow, here they are, the picks for Katsucon 007!
Best Photo
By far, this is my favorite photo of the convention.  The lighting was absolutely beautiful, and the costumes were wonderful.  The only downside was having to squeeze myself between the up and down escalators, and the opposing handrails to get the angle. Ouch.
Best Portrait
While there were three photos that I felt really worked out well as portraits, in the end this one kept my eye.  I lucked out with decent lighting, almost TOO bright, and a great angle on the wings.  All in all, I couldn't ask for more than this shot.
Best American Comic Adaptation
Who can argue with this?  Adam Warren's parody of Magical Girl anime was a huge hit, and this costume is dead on.  Top that off with a remarkably lucky shot of a good portrait, and a great pair of eyes, and well, I had to mark this one for mention.  <smile>
Best Game Adapation
As usual, Christy oneups everyone else with her costumes.  In this case I particularly loved the detailing on the lance, the feet and the face.  I also happen to be a huge FF9 fan, so I'll admit, that probably helped when I decided to mark this one down. :)
Best Original Costume
I absolutely LOVED the leather outfit she had on.  And I'm not talking about anything Kinky.. This is a great rendition on leather armor, something that I would have absolutely admired at any Ren Faire.  How *hot* is it in that thing tho?
Best Laugh
As an Otakon staffer, I am *supposed* to frown, fret and generally be annoyed by this...

I nearly dropped my camera laughing when I saw this.

Strangest Moment
What *IS* she looking for in there? 
A lost contact?
The convention map?
In either case, she was down there for a while...
Most Opportunistic Cosplayer
These Soulcalibur cosplayers were the main target for my camera in this case.. However, after I took the photo, I found that a third, separate Soulcalibur cosplayer had jumped in the background.  Points to him for setting up my shot much better than I could have..
Happiest Conman..

Two words.  Lucky punk.  ;)

Flashiest FX
Someone went and dared me to use the lens flare filter, so I found a way to do it.  Y2KJ has already been compared to a TV preacher once, so I figured I might as well lend some weight to the accusations..
Course.. Its always possible that he really DOES glow... ..  nahh.
Editing Sample
I mark this down because the "Best Photo" of the con took alot of time on the edit..  I spent a good 6 hours working on it, then after working with Scott from AAVD, my rival, it took another 2 hours.. All in all, 3 days, 7+ hours..  This is a before/after sample for the curious.

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