Nekocon 3 (2000) - The (un)incredible (un)edible Neko(?)!

A con of mixed feelings and mixed reviews.  I haven't been to a con with more ups and downs as Neko 2000 - things that went well went great, but anything that could have gone wrong did, in sometimes ugly ways..

Like what?  Well, I'm not too happy with it, but you can read the con report.  I'll warn you tho, I come off as grumpy, grouchy, and if you enjoyed Nekocon you may not want to read it.. It might poison your experience of it.. ^_^;;;

As usual, I do have some words to say to specific people.

Also as usual, read past the gallery list for a few photo gallery notes. 


Coverage this con was stymied by one simple fact.  A certain product by a company called Minds @ Work, makers of the "Digital Wallet" - FAILED on the first day of the con.  Without this product, I was left unable to transfer my high resolution images to a more permenent format.

Unfortunately, this meant three things.. I had to delete photos (gasp!) to make room for new photos, I had to drop the resolution on my photos (so less editing) - and finally, the equipment failure and the total inability of Minds @ Work to help me put me in such a funk that I went half the con without taking a single photo..   Combine that with the fact that I was IN Cosplay this year, and well, photos are pretty darned thin.  (sigh!)

This con marked the first time I started playing with Flash Photography.. I'm sure to all the professional photographers, my inexperience is painfully obvious.. Nonetheless, there are some good photos, and I've started playing in Photoshop with extra pictures.

This con also marks the first time I'm using "B-Roll" Galleries.  These photo galleries are those that didn't make it in the main galleries for one reason or another.. It isn't meant as a slight towards anyone!  Sometimes I get a blurry photo, or I just don't have enough time to photo retouch every photo..  The "B-Roll" galleries also house experiments.  Anyway, visit them - they've got more photos, which in the end is what everyone want to see, right? ;)

Okay, I'm done blathering about the photos..  Go see em. ;)


One cosplayer proudly holds up his badge friday morning..

I'm sorry, did you forget to pay your hotel bill?  Hotel security will see you out now..

Damnit, I hate it when I wake up dead.

Sunnnny day, thinkin about...

The doll looks like I felt on sunday..

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