Shoujocon 2001 -  Amazing potential - still unfulfilled?

Shoujocon 2001, a second year themed con with a specific target audience, felt like a mixed success.  Shoujocon boasted an attendance in the vicinity of 1250 people, and for the second year in a row had to place a cutoff on walkins.

Two days really didn't seem to be enough for a convention of this size, and detracted from the feel.  The atypical organizational structure causes me to wonder how this convention will develop.

However, for the second year, the staff managed to give Shoujo-minded fans a place to go, despite challenges like a concurrently running wedding.  For that they are to be commended.  Time will tell how they choose to develop this unique convention.

As has been the case lately, one cause or another has been preventing me from getting the comprehensive coverage that Id prefer to get.  In this case, yours truly was busy getting ready to get behind the microphone, as the Emcee of the Fashion Show. 

Coverage is light, because of the long delay, I'm not writing up a detailed report.  I do have a few shoutouts.

There are definitely fewer photos than usual, and they aren't up to my usual standards.  Nonetheless, there are some good photos, and a few funny moments.  Enjoy!


Getting into the spirit of things!

The official mascot of the con gets glomped by a young cosplayer.

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