8 Faces of Harvey

If you've come here, you know about the 8 Faces of Harvey project.  Well, what's it all about? 

To summarize : in 1999 I entered my first video, Harvey the Wonder Hamster, featuring Ryo-Okhi.  Now, in talking with Duane Johnson later that year, we mused that it would be funny if we had oh, 8 people get together and do a video to the same exact song with different mascots.  What might happen?  What would people
do?  So thus the project was born.  I went around writing emails and asking a bunch of "known" creators to make a video for this compilation.

We showed the first five submitted videos at Otakon 2000, during the music video panel, to much success and bleeding ears. 

Flash forward to 2001 :

Well, people have started creating their own Harvey videos, and I'm hoping to include them in some way as time passes, once I figure out how.   We still have some project people who haven't made their videos, but other people have started to fill in their spaces..  And we actually have a new showing scheduled, hopefully for Ohayocon 2002.   So...  despite my total lack of updates, this project is remarkably, still NOT dead..

If you'd like to see who's currently in the roster of  Harvey videos, 
Go here for the website/interface PREVIEW.

The rollovers work, so you can see who's who... But there are no videos available for download at this time.  Sorry!  Our biggest barrier now is simply finding a way to host all the files : truth be told, I don't have the space to host 6 additional videos.. I'm working on it tho.

Stay tuned for more information - as slow as I may be, I haven't forgotten this project!  :)

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