This is a gathering of the sites that I've decided, for some reason, to note.  :)

I prefer to always have links with banners..  I'll go as far as making them when one doesn't exist.  Which means if you ask me nicely and I decide to link you, I'll make em for you too. ;)

Primo Link of the Momento.. 
A genuine rarity on the internet, A Cloak in the Wood BBS is a place for intelligent conversation, with a generous sprinkle of humor and dare I say it, heart!

Link to Fly By Night Design! 
Like me enough to link?  THANKS!  Please let me know when you link, because frankly, its a great ego boost.  <grin>  Here's a banner for you. :)
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Artists, Writers, Studios, and otherwise Creative people
The Estrigious girls are way too talented for their own good.  Damnit I'm jealous.  Go see why.  Don't just stand there, GO!  ;)
Luis Perez is one hell of an artist.  Visit. 
View the art.
Enjoy. ;)
Catadamon is the home of a great fan artist and fanfic writer.  Home of one of my "Con Daughters" - go visit and read a story or three. :)
A strong source of import manga, as well as original pieces.  Go, buy something, and make sure to visit "Uncle Steve" at the next con!
It does NOT suck.  I've actually pegged her because she's one of the people who randomly takes images from this site and CG's em.. Go visit. :)

Drop dead funny videos come out of here. 
Go.  Download. Be happy.
Enjoy yourself already!

G33kgirls! They're geeks! They're girls! They're not cyber sluts! They've got a slick little site! Go visit already and say hi!

Bulletin Boards, Webboards, and Forums

With intelligence and humor, A Cloak in the Wood BBS holds itself to a higher standard. Fire up your brain and open your mind; then come join the family!

If by some miracle you've avoided the trend that was/is Bebop... just carry on.. If you're one of the millions of fans, join your fellow otaku.

Cosplay and Masquerade Related Links
ACP focuses on gathering multiple indexes of the many cosplaying females on the anime circuit.  Great resource, and some of my photos are up there. ;)
I shoot the occasonal photograph at cons.  Kevin shoots EVERYONE, and updates his page during the convention.  Hats off!
Widya has one of the most comprehensive collections of Cosplay links.  Great if you want a listing of online photo galleries, listed by con.
Working to become a comprehensive Cosplay community site, features news, forums, photo galleries, links, and a irc chat portal.
A new site for those of you obsessed with Five Star Stories. Check it out, and if you're one of those FSS people, send them your photos!

Dance Dance Revolution (Oh YES I am an addict.)
Pretty much the defacto DDR website out there, DDR Freak has grown to become the primary source of information for DDR Fanatics.

Comics on the web - get your daily fix right here!
copyright  2000 fred gallagher & rodney caston Megatokyo - easily the comic I relate to the most.  Visit and see the antics of two boys from verona..  oh wait, sorry, wrong script.
 copyright 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 Krahulik/Holkins Gabe and Tycho are perfect pictures of obsessive compulsive gamers.. In other words, just like most of Fly By Night Design's visitors..  Go have a laugh. :)
 copyright 2000 Christian Fundin Little Gamers. 
Short, simple, cute, and
full of attitude.  Who needs a neck?. 
Copyright Bill Holbrook While Sinfest is distinctly a hit or miss strip, its hits are quite good. Of particular note is the schizophrenic flipping between cuteness and sharp commentary.
Copyright Bill Holbrook For "Weak American Otaku", an inexplicable niche community of which I admit membership. Anime Con attendees will understand, others will be puzzled.

Anime Related Links
Arrr!!!  Here there be manga!  This site is well worth your time, as it has fan translated "The Violinist of Hameln" and "Hana Yori Dango".  Great work!
Angel Eyes is a perfect example of the best type of fan shrine.  Clean, well designed, thorough, you could spend hours surfing this one.
Aside from the occasional FLAME WAR, this mailing list is a great place for gathering Anime Music Video hints and ideas.
Excellent starting ground if you're looking for anything anime related.  Check out the weekly picks that they provide as well.

Exchanged Links and Links without banners.
Yaya's quickly made a name for herself both on the convention circuit, with her excellent costumes.  She also happens to be a talented artist!
Big Danny T's one of those fixtures on the convention circuit. Features rants, con photos, and generous rubbing of Dan's... ego. *grin*
Chaos/Innocence is a personal site that features game reviews, MP3's of the week, and game release dates. It features two characters that are polar opposites.
Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints..  These things have been the source of many a working night's energy.  Best thing, they're LEGAL!
Poro Poro is a personal cosplay and convention site. The site is filled with their own costumes, as well as reflections and photos on conventions.

Danny Hong may try and deny it, but his page is still a reference point of note. His photos, his writings, his troublemaking, and occasionally insights to his soul.

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