Photo Portfolio
Here's a quick cross-section of my photographic work in the last two years.
Four young cosplayers crowd for the camera.  *Heavily Edited* A bass guitar player mellows out in the hotel room. Sunlight burns through the cloud cover to stream across the sky. Two cosplayers find a beautiful area to take advantage of the light.  *Heavily Retouched* Focusing on the wonderful light that fell on this cosplayer.
Another play on light and shadow, shot with lighting as is. Shot on a whim from a balcony, the reflection caught my attention only after I loaded the images. It's all done with smoke and mirrors.  *Heavy Retouching* I caught this cosplayer in the hotel lobby with some interesting lightplay falling in through the trees.  *Heavily Edited* I don't believe Civil War hats are standard issue in Japan.
Three cosplayers from the show Cowboy Bebop pose with their group's Masquerade award. How many cars does it take to drive into the distance? Dancers on the arcade game Dance Dance Revolution display aerial skills. Another player vaults the backbar in a popular aerial move. A random shaft of light created this wonderful victory pose photo.
This cosplayer sports fairy wings and a somber expression for the camera.  *Heavily Edited* I was lucky to capture this cosplayer's slight, sardonic smile. Lit from below, this cosplayer looks delightfully evil.  The left eye was retouched to fix a contact slip. Playstation 2 - the preferred drug of the new decade.  The background was washed out and blurred to focus attention on the screaming maniac. This is not an alien head.  This is a close up examination of a Japanese drink bottle, complete with marble.
Sometimes a genuine expression is better than a forced smile. The eyes are covered in shadow, consealing what's going on in this cosplayer's mind. Three spectacular costumes, complete with contacts, look upwards to the sky for the camera. This is a sample before-after image to illustrate some of the edits that go into FBND photo coverage. Another sample edit : in this case two photos were less than ideal, so I merged two images.

All photos shot by Terry Chu, and are copyrighted by Terry Chu unless otherwise noted.
Please be advised that these images are here to be viewed with the understanding that images may not be copied, published or reproduced without prior written consent.

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