Web Page Previews and Sample Graphics

This simply serves as a repository of sample pages that I've created, as well as a quick showcase of random website graphics I've made.

Fly By Night Design Needless to say, my own page serves as a functional sample of what I have done.  Feel free to explore, as this website serves as my experimental base,and is updated on a semi-regular basis.
8 Faces of Harvey The 8 Faces of Harvey page was created for a video project that brought together a group of talented video editors to put their own spin on a song.
This site's content is still under production.

Web Link Banners 
Please note that all images are property of their respective owners.  Some banners were created using pre-existing graphics from their websites.  In all cases, I used the website as a template to determine the actual design scheme, even when the design scheme was not one I agreed with.

Other than Fly By Night Design, I am NOT involved in any way with the actual webdesign of these sites.  I have only made these banners for the purposes of linking to my page.

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The "Curves" typeface used for "Fly By Night Design"  Copyright Terry Chu 1997.
Fly By Night Design logo  Copyright 1999 - Terry Chu of Fly By Night Design.
Any inquiries should be directed to Terry Chu at Fly By Night Design.