Dig My Grave
Created : 1/00
Length : 67 Seconds (I broke the minute mark!)
Artist : They Might Be Giants
Anime Source : Slayers TV - First Season
Notes : This was definitely a new range of headache for me editing wise.  This marked the first video where I went as far as editing some frames directly.  Of particular note was the first lip sync scene with Gourry - I had to create a new mouth position for him.  Added a sweatdrop to Lina during her "Lina Missle" scene. <wry grin>

As for the theme, well, I railed at myself for days trying to figure out HOW I could try and put together a video with more than just action scenes, in other words, what would be the glue that held it together.  I ended up choosing to go with a "Lina looks cool, Lina looks embarrased, Lina gets pissed and goes ballistic" plot. <wry grin>  The music made it a bit difficult to match things too, since the tempo changes as it goes along.

I made this video partially as a challenge to myself to see if I could really turn out a tightly made, high quality video.  I tried to work multiple levels into the timing and images, so that the video could be watched multple times while seeing something new.  (I was a bit nervous about that..)  Thankfully, others seem to agree that it worked out well.  <whew!>

Shown at : Katsucon 6, Animazement 2000
Award : Katuscon 6 - Audience Favorite
Award : Katsucon 6 - Judge's Vote - 1st Place

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