Harvey The Wonder Hamster
Created : 2/99
Length : 30 Seconds
Artist : "Weird Al" Yankovic
Anime Source : Tenchi Muyo OVA
Notes : This was my first video, but it was something that had been burning in my head for a while.. The basic idea of this video, as well as most of my other short videos, is to simply get in, get the laugh, and get out before the audience gets tired of the video..

I'm finding a certain challenge in making short videos, there's less room for mistakes because anything you do wrong will still be fresh in people's memory when the video's done.  You also have to be REALLY picky about what footage you use, which means there's alot of nice clips that you end up not using.  Its fun showing that you can pack alot into a short amount of time tho. :)

There are more surprises coming up with Harvey..  We're not quite done with him yet...

Shown at : Katsucon 1999
Shown at : Animazement 1999
Shown at : Anime North 1999

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