Created : 10/99
Length : 45 Seconds
Artist : They Might Be Giants
Anime Source : Rupan III : Fuma Conspiracy
Notes : Being the second video, I was still in the process of learning how to edit, and how to put some new arsenals in my toolbox of editing goodies.  In this case, I chose to do a lip synch video.  The original footage was subtitled, which added a different little challenge to selecting footage.  Also, I wanted to try and match the wierd sound of the song to the footage.

All in all, I'm happy with the outcome, of the three videos I currently have it definitely has the most character.  That's due to the song tho!

This video's win in the Best of the Decade contest was a bit of a surprise, since there was alot of good competition.. (And alot of good videos that never made it into the contest..)  The audience seemed to remember Spider tho, so I can't complain! 

On a different note, as a video maker, the best moment and compliment I ever had regarding this video had to have been at the Anime Central 2000 MV Panel.  It was shown as a video to show Lip Synch.  When the audio busted and only half the audio played, the panelists, as well as a few panel attendees went and filled in the key lines.  Hearing a bunch of people say, "We love you spider!" in synch with the video was probably the best possible compliment I could have gotten.  My thanks!  <tipping an invisible hat>

Shown at : Nekocon 1999
Shown at : Katsucon 6's "Best of the Decade"
Award : Nekocon - 2nd Place
Award : Katsucon 6 - Best of the Decade - 1st Place

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