What is this?  This is a short little info blurb, if you don't want to hear about why I do the things I do as Fly By Night Design, don't read this. 

So, what is this anyway?  Why does this site exist?  That's probably the most commonly asked question.  Well, its quite simple.  As stated on the main page you see when you get in here, this place exists as an excuse for me to play with ANYTHING media related.

Video?  I want to play.  Graphics?  Lemme see.  Design work?  I want a hand in it.  Audio?  Well, soon enough.  Web design?  This site's teaching me.  A big old gob of ego?  I get it from here.  (whoops..  Didn't mean to say that. ;)

At current time, Fly By Night Design's work is done for fun, and I do not accept most commissions or requests for consulting.  However, if you have an idea or a project you'd like my help in, please email me, and we can talk.  I am perfectly willing to listen to ideas, but with my schedule, I won't commit to helping if I can't give it my 100%.  To do so otherwise would be unfair.

Fly By Night Design (In other words, myself) can work in the following fields :

Film/Video Work
Music video/post production
Graphic Design (Anything you can think of)
Web Design (Currently, graphics only)
Convention / Event coverage
Anything else you can think of that might be challenging.

Again, email me if you'd like to talk about possible projects or consultation.  I cannot promise anything, but I'll give it a fair ear.  You may be surprised, I do alot of work on a whim. 

My personal portfolio and resume are located here : Portfolio & Resume

Thanks for popping in here!

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