Anime Central 2001 Shoutouts

Any con has individuals that have direct impact on the enjoyment. With over 3200 people at the convention, its even more important to point out the few people I knew who made it a gem.

Kimmie - You were the first one to make it to the convention Thursday!  We owned the pool. ;)  Remember...  "He flies through the air with the greatest of eassssssseeee!!"  Anytime you need someone to be your guide dog or carry slave, lemme know, I'll hook you up. :)

Scott - My fellow Man In Black.  Or shall I say, Knight in Black!  Our skit had everyone in stitches.  Speaking of stitching.. I'm still laughing at how I freaked out Thursday night and you had to take over, after I crazy glued myself.  We truly joined the cosplay community, working up till the very last minute.  ...  and STOP SCANNING ME!

Norm - Sing boy, SING!  Your sense of humor, as crude and insane as it is, fits well with mine.  Which should scare one of us.  Remind me to teach you how to say "Don't mess with the happy chainsaw" in sign language next time I see you. :)  And remember, if in doubt, everyone can play NUTS ON FIRE on the new hot game, HUMP HUMP REVOLUTION! 

Big Danny T - Every time I turned around you were nearby.  We didn't get to play any "Big 2" poker, we'll have to do that at some point.  You were around to preview and comment on the MiB skit, and you saw us when we got Dommi's present.  Have you ever considered starting a small intelligence agency? 

Aaron - FIRE!

Justin - Yes, you may use my shower.  Losing your hair cus the silver's breaking it OFF is a bad thing.  I'm sorry about how you were misused Saturday night, but I'm glad we managed to make it right.  I'll think about making t-shirts. :)

Anya - You get a special mention here, for one reason.. You gave an excellent backrub Friday night, and that's always worth points in my book. :)


Work that thing baby!

Stop SCANNING me!!

I shall avenge my father!  But first, I need money for sandwich from Subway.

Two shoutouts in one, blammo! :)

In the future, this one will be known to sell drinks all across Japan..

Ahhhhhh, Japanese Supermarket...  Yummm...

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