Friday Coverage - (Not much, I know..)
( Okay, I admit it, I didn't come here for the Dealer's Room. ) ( I see you!  Don't make me come after you, punk! ) ( The first cosplayers I saw at the con.  Note, this was after a good two hours there.. ) ( Hey!  Great artist's alley setup!  Humm.. Anthromorph and fuzzy based cheesecake.. ) ( Another cosplayer saves our hopes for this con!  Note, this was the only other cosplayer I saw on Friday. )
( Two other people rush to catch the elusive and rare cosplayer. ) ( Brave man, unafraid to host the Hentai panel. ) ( Oh please please please let mom not see me up here talking about this?  <grin> ) ( My own personal ego trip.  People cheering on my video. )

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