Anime North 2000 -  The con that will always be known in my head as "The Donut Con".

Why?  Well, you'll just have to visit my "Con Report" page to find out.  To summarize, Anime North was a small con that nonetheless was a fun weekend trip, and a good test of my coverage skills.  Those of you I met at the convention, click here for a few individualized comments.  <smile>

Now, regarding the photo gallery.  Please note that this is the only con's coverage I have kept that was shot on my video camera rig.  All the stillshots are actually video captures that I ripped stills from.  I apoligize for the less than quality images you'll see here.

There are galleries up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as a gallery dedicated to the Jigglypuff bashing.  Two galleries to the Post Cosplay photo shoot follow, and finally, an experiement. 

CONTEST!  "Shakin dat thang"  Any of you folk who were at Anime North, if you spot yourself in one of the dance pictures, email me and I'll send you a nice little JPEG that you can either put on a website or print into a badge for the next con!  Be a proud bearer!  ;) 

Email me with your name, the exact filename of the picture you were in and some kind of identifying information so I can get the right face (or general shape) for your Jpeg.  No guarantees, no speedy turnarounds, and NO MONETARY VALUE!

What do you get?  Just a graphic and a smile, and a little bit of fame.  If there's enough response I'll make it a regular thing.

That's all.  Go have fun.  <smile> 


Look!  Cosplayers!  Quick, get a photo of this rare event on Friday!

It's all good...

Artists chill on the last day of the con..

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