Convention Report/Rundown
Anime North 2000 was held June 16-18 in Toronto, Canada
Report written June 25, 2000 by "Doc_Ido" of FBND

Not too many this con, especially since I'm bad with names.^_^;

Mr. Suke & Jently : Hey, this con wouldn't have been a con without you two to keep me from getting bored.  Then again, if you two hadn't taken care of small details like, oh, DRIVING, we'd never have come to the con at all.  ;)  Suke, the con brought back memories of dorm room insanity.  We have to do it again soon.  Jently, given that your mind's as sick as mine, I'm worried for Suke's welfare.  Be gentle with him. <evil grin>

Steve Bennett : Hey Steve!  It's all good, its all good!  The con didn't start till we saw you in the hallway.  Don't worry, I'll make sure to mail you a copy of any blackmail material I have. 

Tim Park / Doki Doki Productions : Hey Tim, it was great to finally meet you!  Good job with the AMV panel too, if it wasn't for you, the panel would probably have devolved into a general music video viewing stupor.. ;)  Sorry, don't have a photo of you tho.. ^_^;;

To the others I met during the late nights of hanging out in the hallway and chatting : Great to meet you all!  I'm horrible with names, so I can't personalize my commentary, but I look forward to meeting you all again..  Of course, you all do understand you'll just HAVE to come down to the States, and see how we throw  parties down here... <evil grin>

Till the next con all! 

Other Congoers snapping pics.

It's all good...

Leaving at the end.

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