Katsucon 007  (2001)  -  Starting off the year right!

While in the past, I've always been a little leery of Katsucon, I have to admit that it was a genuine pleasure this year.  Katsucon has generally been the starting con of the year for me, and if the first con sets the tone, then 2001 will be a fine convention year.

Its said that the amount of sleep one gets at a con tells you how good a con is.  I barely slept more than 3 hours a night, starting thursday night, and extending through sunday!

Of course, statements like there are always from a personal point of view.  I heard many people blasting Katsu for having a horrible time.  However, that's them.  This is me, and I'm not making any signs of being impartial, since this site has always been from a personal point of view. ;) 

Katsucon also kicked off  The Humpy World Tour for 2001.

As usual, you can read my "Con Report" for the full lowdown.
Those of you who I know get little commens in the "Shoutouts" section.  This year I will be adding a new page to the convention reports.  "Personal Favorites" will list my favorite photos from the convention.  I'll be using these to set apart the photos that for some reason stay in my mind the most.

Without further ado, the photos.

Almost the perfect symbol of an American Anime Con - Magical Drama Queen Roxy!

This one manages to look like the character.. even with the glasses..

Cute *does* count for alot when it comes to what photos I'll put up.  I admit it. ;)

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