Behind the Scenes : Staff Pictures - Just some scattered photos of staff and behind the scenes images.  ..  Well, okay, mostly just Otakon Staff.  These are the sick people who work 70 hours in one weekend, just for the love of the medium.
Yes, sick, isn't it?
( Hi ho, hi ho, its off to pack programs we go.. ) ( High speed program packing.  Exactly how we enjoy spending our free time... ) ( DJ's testing our gear the night before the con. ) ( Staff Photographer acts as a lighting and position test, and strikes Yasuyuki Ueda's curiousity.  ) ( Otakon's Videography/Photography department - look at the goofs. ;) )
( At the end of the weekend, we have special storage equipment for our staffers. ) ( The staff follow like lemmings to their deat... I mean, to the staff photo shoot! ) ( Security Staffer 1043523 pronounces his lordship over the masses. ) ( Sunday.  Post con.  And the Chair STILL LIVES.. ) ( Staffer Designation Monroe-1042435 reports that all is quiet. )
( The staff rears back in shock. ) ( Believe it or not, this isn't even all of our staff. ) ( Its over, its over, we can all go home!  After we clean up the dealer's room.. )

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