Otakon 2000 - The Beast of the East!

The four days I spent at Otakon 2000 this year were a true test of both my endurance, as well as my loyalty.  Why?  Check my (Very very abbreviated) Con Report for answers. 

To put it briefly...

"Con Staffing.  Its not just an adventure, its torure!"

I do have a few words to say to specific individuals. 

Some notes about the photo coverage follow after the gallery list, read if you're interested in some background info. 


Coverage of the con is pretty light.  I apoligize for this, but my staff duties kept me busy most of the days behind the scenes, at computer or camera preparing for events.  More details are in my con coverage.

The Opening Gala and Cosplay were shot by another con photographer, who was hamstrung by my not completely teaching him HOW to use my camera.  He got some decent shots nonetheless, and the blurry "tracershot" photos are amusing in their own right.

Regarding the photo quality  : This was the first con covered with the Nikon Coolpix 990.  The photos are MUCH high quality than the video captures from the past, and I'm glad to say that a good number of the ones shot came out decent.  As I work with the camera and with the ACK! site, I'm learning, so I admit I'm not as happy as I could be with the final results. 

However, one has to learn as one goes, right?  I've tweaked most of these photos before posting, please let me know what you think. :)

CONTEST!  Well, not really..
If you ended up being one of the people in my photographs, drop me a line!  Tell me who you are, what photograph you were in (filename please) - and I'll shoot you a little gift graphic for your own website or use!

I have kept all the original high resolution, printable versions.  If you are in one of these photos and would like a print resolution copy, email me and we'll work out details. 

I'm done blathering.  Go enjoy!  :)

Welcome to the con!  Pardon the blinding smile, we've got to make up for the grimacing guys..

Hey!  I'm not grimacing!  Want to play poker?

People were great about smiling for the camera this weekend.

At least, some of them were. ;)

He's as much of a ham as his glasses suggest!

Ahhh, mommy, I'm scared of the scary Dilandau!!

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