Otakon 2000 - The Beast of the East!
Held August 4-6 at the Baltimore Convention Center
(Mini) Con Report - Generated 9-15-00 by "Doc"

Otakon 2000.  A con that for myself could really be called an exploration of stress and pain.  Otherwise known as staffing for a convention.

Let me make it clear - I have a massive amount of respect for anyone who staffs at a convention.  We're all family in the brotherhood of self-inflicted pain. ;)

Anyway, I can't comment too much on the convention, since I saw it from a staffer's point of view.  In fact, the simple fact is, by signing up for Otakon staff, I and the other staffers give up actually attending the convention.

Humm..  What was I busy doing all convention?  Well, basically, I was part of the group that was busy running around doing video coverage of the con.  That includes the live simulcasting of opening ceremonies and cosplay in the main events hall.  I ran the center camera on that camera platform (If I blocked your view, sorry!), and I also ran around with my camera shooting some photos, and dealing with the general nuts and bolts of being a staffer. 

Enjoyable?  Yes, absolutely.  Busy?  Absolutely!  Burnt out?  Yup.  Coverage light because of it?  Unfortunately, yes.

Anyway, I realize that my previous list of highlights pretty much sums up the convention highlights, so unlike previous cons, I won't say much more than this.

Lesse, highlights -

1.  Operating the camera at Opening Ceremonies and watching people goof off for the camera.  Being on that platform was worth the opportunity to work the crowd. 

2.  Lunch with Simon Yam.  That rocked.

3.  Operating the camera at Cosplay.  Even if I had to stand on my feet for four hours and work with the nervewracking fact everything I did was LIVE!

4.  Showing the preliminary "Eight Faces of Harvey" project and having people react positively.  (see the Music Videos page for more information.)

5.  Being part of a team that made an event of 7500+ people work successfully.

6.  Playing with the new Digital Camera.  I may not cover everyone with my coverage, but I have decided that those people who do end up on the site will look GOOD.  :)

Low point - 

Sitting on the edge of the camera platform after cosplay, fully burnt out and forgetting the most important part of it all - enjoying oneself.  I'll freely admit it, I burnt out pretty badly at Otakon.  It was more work than fun this year, and part of that is my own mentality approaching this year. 

A little tidbit for anyone who attends cons.  Always remember that we're there to have fun.  Don't let petty things get in the way.  Party safely, responsibly, if you're a staffer, don't slack and do your job to your fullest... but remember to have fun.  A con is only what you make of it.  If I don't make sense, don't worry, I'm not sure I understand it myself. ;)

Notes : Since I was busy running the main center camera during the live events, I turned my camera over to another Otakon Staff Photographer.  Cosplay and Opening Gala pictures were shot by "Yujinbito".

This is the first con with the Nikon 990.  I apoligize for the inconsistent treatment of the photos as the galleries progress, I learned new tricks and I'm still forming the final system that coverage will follow under.


Yes, the highway runs RIGHT THROUGH the convention center.  Look, its Otaku High!

Hard working staffers NEVER left the convention center.

Let me state it again, one of the best moments as a photographer is when the subject smiles for the camera.

I just loved the graphical look of this image.

Bondage fairies - Yes, this is a family con, really! ;)

Couples that attend cons always brings a tear to my eye.. So romantic!!  <dramatic sniff> ;)

Alita and Doc Ido!  Cool!  (Down to the forehead marking.)

Everyone wants pocky?  Okay, the pocky dealing is too much!

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