Friday (1/3) 
( All roads lead to Otakon.. Or at least, right through it! ) ( The first two costumers I saw - busy waiting on the registration line. ) ( I'm not sure what he's ready for, but he's looking eager for the action.. ^_^;; ) ( That staff looks just about right to fit around someone's neck. ^_^; ) ( Its only Friday morning but hey've got the tired cosplayer look on their faces down pat. )
( I'm not familar with the series.  Its gotta be the shoes tho. ^_^ ) ( Poor man had no endurance, already fainting before the con was fully started. ^_^ ) ( Guest staff was busy taking requests before noon rolled around. ) ( Four out of Five Studio Estrigious girls - Yes, click cus they ARE there. ) ( Only in Anime will you have the combination of vinyl pants and fairy wings! )
( Little did she know it, but the entire BCC was listing slightly right when she wasn't looking. ^_^ ) ( Yes, registration lines were this long. The mobs started when it was announced that there was to be no nude cosplaying in the halls. ) ( Two regulars from the Otakon ML.  I gotta say, I love the wings. ) ( The one in the tophat looks like she's planning a slow death for me, ne? ) ( Somehow the next two girls kept popping up in photos all during con.  Damn, hope they didn't think I was a stalker! <wry grin> )
( First of the facial close-ups that I shot during the weekend. ) ( Great smiles for the camera here. ) ( This shot made me decide that I would regularly take double photos of cosplayers, one general and one closeup. ) ( Every year there seems to be a trend in cosplaying - this year, well-made wings were popping up everywhere. ) ( Not sure whether this is from a series, or just someone wearing a mostly white outfit just for fun. ^_^; )
( These two saw me getting the camera into gear and gave me a good set of stern looks to match. ) ( Dealer Room lines?  We don't need no stinkin lines.. ) ( These two looked at me rather oddly when I asked them to actually pose for a shot. ) ( Doesn't that get muggy in summer weather??! ) ( The lighting in the BCC is great for shots like these. )

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