Friday (2/3)
( When in doubt, call upon the SIB - the Staff In Black. ) ( Simple costumes with good detail touches, it seems these are ideal for many con cosplays. ) ( The one in the back looks like he'll have permenent indentations in his tongue by the end of the weekend.. ) ( I AM NOT AKIRAAAAAA! ... Oh wait, wrong series. ) ( HAH!  I can see your eyes underneath that helmet!  Quit staring at me!)
( Utena with a foil!  I feel like fencing now. ) ( *great* smile on this shot - and I lucked out on the lighting. ) ( You wouldn't necessarially be able to tell, but this one usually sports a red coat and glasses.. ) ( Oh damn, he's glaring at me, maybe I shouldn't have told.. ) ( Mixed group, but I *know* that Jason over there is happy. ^_- )
( And in times of trouble, the fuzzy dice double as hand grenades! ) ( Humm, another person who ended up in multiple shots.  Thankfully she takes it in good stride. ) ( Victory over... What, the no-catering contract?  Alright, share the wealth, GIVE US SOME POCKY! ) ( Let me show off my musc-les here.. For the n-th time.  ^_^ ) ( Man, this hair is what you GET when you try and play
( When someone cosplays with this kind of outfit - I'm sure one has to get used to frequent stares. Oy! ) ( I'm glad to see that cosplayers don't let idiots on the net dissuade them from doing what they enjoy.  Bravo! ) ( As the Sailor Scout manhandles a target, hey get stopped by the ( Lum's an old standby in the cosplay field ) ( At first glance people wondered if Otakon was a God-Fearing convention, with all the crosses wandering around.. )
( Hey...  Isn't that guy supposed to be barefoot? ) ( This was a fun shot, but then the local BCC smoke regulators hosed us all down with fire extinguishers. ) ( Games continue their steady way into integrating with american views of anime culture. ) ( When in doubt - she can lance people with her eyelashes in self-defense! ) ( Sad to say, this is just PART of the Dealers Room line that started forming. )

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