Friday (3/3)
( Two of the Studio Estrigious girls out to paper the local fans with their phamplets. ) ( I feel sorry for these two girls, they mentioned that they *had* to get somewhere and they just kept getting stopped for photos. ) ( They're busy looking at another person who was taking photos.. ) ( I believe these two were part of the Studio Ironcat group actually. ) ( Even a dark wizardess has to get her daily reading in! )
( As Friday moved on, the dealers room line grew. ) ( While dealers room staffers huddle nervously, prepping for the flood. ) ( And the shoppers get restless... ) ( Until the doors are opened and everyone can rush in! .. Only to be held up by security asking people to walk. Insurance, yauknow? ) ( Brave Otakon camera workers film the onslaught. )
( And breathe a sigh of relief when they realize that they've survived. ) ( I've got a pointy hat.. ) ( And woe be to you if she uses it! ) ( I can't resist it.  That's the biggest piece of tail I ever saw a fanboy chase. <duck> ) ( Cruel and unusual punishment would be coming to the person who chased this pikachu..
( Call me Gambit.. Oh wait, wrong COUNTRY? ^_^ ) ( Larry, Moe and Curly?  No hey, wait, put away that staff.. ) ( I heard more than a few photographers wondering what this costume was - while snapping many photos of it. ) ( Vicious fake flowers - they have to remain stabbed to stay on the head properly. ^_^; ) ( And here's the guy who made the stab!  Eep! )
( Did you just say my eyepatch was CROOKED??!  I'm so furious I'll just glare at you halfway.. ) ( There's a monkey on your back.. ) ( Note to all cosplayers - a good smile will enhance your photo tenfold. ) ( See, these people know the trick! ) ( That's the way the con should run - friendly people and good smiles. )

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