Saturday - The staff duties kept me very busy on Saturday, and I only got to shoot a few photos.  (Believe me, I still regret it, alot of good costumes out there..)
( Look into my eyes.. ) ( No, I said, look into MY eye! ) ( 'Hey, a photographer!' ) ( 'He's still taking photos of us..' ) ( For some reason I just had to zoom in on the face - and the look she was giving me.. I'm glad she wasn't armed. ^_^;; )
( Fresh from a trip to the dealers room.. ) ( 'WHAT?  You took the LAST copy of Street Fighter EX+A3+Remix??!  Die!' ) ( Um, hey you in the back, just fyi its a bad idea to feel up Dilandau... ) ( Dilandau was a hit at Otakon 2000. ) ( See, sometimes the Security captains feel the need to take a hands on approach to guiding their staffers. )
( Artists in Artists Alley, busy working on commissions. ) ( Akito-Kun shows off his press badge. ) ( Nice thing about the pay Artists Alley - professionals like Adam Warren pop by as well. ) ( And, when time is available,
artists duke it out in the free space behind the alley, just for the fans! ) ( You know, I don't think this is what they had in mind when they said Pikachu was REALLY attached to Ash...)
( We start em young here at Otakon.. ) ( Tho you have to feel sorry for the kids and parents..  One year and the costume can't be fit in anymore.. ) ( The extent of excellent costumes at Otakon 2000 was astounding. ) ( And its nice to see couples as a common sight at cons. ^_^ ) ( Making off like a thief! )
( Working filmy materials into a costume is always a challenge, great when successfully done. )

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