Sunday (1/2)
( That is NOT a pocket gaming device! ) ( Catgirls are a common thread when one asks fanboys about ( Just like a cat, redeye was painful to manage here. ) ( Utena and the Rose Bride..  RYO-OKHI??! ) ( She has a great smile in this photo. )
( Sunday and last minute shopping.. ) ( And the fatigue from the weekend shows. ^_^ ) ( Speaking of fatigue, these two look like death warmed over.. Thank goodness that was their intention! ) ( Okay, if you're going to try and scare the bystanders, you'll succeed. ^_^ ) ( Fur - the ultimate insulator. )
( What I don't want to know is if she had to fight something for that fur!  Poor Mokona! ) ( Then again, this one seems to be perfectly happy hunting Pikachu. ) ( Judging by the smile on his face, absolutely happy. ) ( Unbeknownst to this one, the child in the background is trying to say, TIME OUT! THERE'S A BUG ON YOUR SHOULDER! ) ( Lemme just get my focus, old man's eyesight is getting a little fuzzy.. )
( I wield a hammer, thus, I am in charge here..) ( Course, Alita might have something to say about that.. ) ( Feathered Wings, Insect wings, now its Bat wings! ) ( I haven't a clue what series this is from.. ) ( I'm a cowgirl, baby, etc etc..)
( This was her idea, not mine. ^_^;; ) ( These two would be the terror of any dance floor. ) ( Thankfully, those face masks shild me from the glares after that last comment. ^_^;;; ) ( Hey, Rob, we REALLY don't need to know you slept with Steve, OKAY??! ^_^ ) ( Con goers show their happiness with the con in general.. )

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