Sunday (2/2)
( I'm not sure what this congoer is doing to that flagpole!!! ) ( Great pair of costumes here! ) ( Cosplay as a multi-generational event - excellent. ) ( More last minute cosplayers doing last minute shopping. ) ( And yet another pair of good wings. )
( Four different series at just one table! ) ( Lesse, I recognize Kid from Crono Cross, but who's the other one? ) ( Wow, the main characters are still but hey invested alot in speed lines for the background people! ) ( Artist Alley artists peek while their pieces are being auctioned. ) ( And suddenly, the dog got an invulnerability star! )
( There was alot of art to present and auction at the Otakon 2000 Art Show... ) ( And one energetic auctioneer who ran out of breath eventually. ) ( Suddenly, the fans swarmed like ants when the extra Otakon 2000 badges were given away. ) ( See, I told you, there are those two girls from Friday! ) ( I'm *really* glad I don't come off as a stalker, I'd probably have had security sic-ed on me. )
( Of course, the spokesgirls had to advertise the hardest thing to get at Otakon 2000.. Pocky! ) ( Attentive fans crowd around two congoers who had sat down on Friday, and gotten stuck. ) ( They offer cash and pocky, as well as adult advertising, but the congoers refuse to budge.  Eventually the fans give up, and staffers decide the marooned congoers can keep the seats warm for Otakon 2001. )

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