Hey!  Being a staffer, I didn't get nearly enough time to hang out with friends and such.  However, given that I was a staffer, I might as well say some words to the people who helped me stay sane during the convention. ;)

For my own ease I'm using people's online nicks when they have em. ;)

Akito : Good GODS man, how'd they talk us into doing this?  Oh wait, we volunteered ourselves...  Hey, we did it, we made the simulcast look GOOD - and we managed to almost peg every single goal we didn't get last year.  Be happy, we did well!  Even if you were dumb enough to actually drink what Brad gave you without thinking about it. ;)

Octavian : Hey, Camera number 2, why are you zooming up that Sailor fuku?  Just kidding, sorry for yelling out your ear over the intercom system.  All I have to say is, I've got alot of sympathy for your knees, I had the good spot on the platform. :)

Shaidar : You do know that you're taking my place in photography dept. right? ;) 

The Photo/Video Department : I'd clutter up the list if I said something for everyone, so let me leave it at : "We're the Photo/Video team, and we're watching you."  Great job everyone!

Duane Johnson : Thanks for being a venting board when I was in Video Ops, complaing, bitching, etc.. 

Matt Pyson : Same to you, and thanks for having me on the MV Panel, even if I was mostly uncomprehensible when I made my little speech. ^_^;;;

Susanity : Thank you lil' sis for pestering me about food, and such trivialities during the con..  and for giving me hugs when it looked like I needed it.

Tris : Don't worry, you DID NOT break me, I was already broken when you tried your worst. ;) 

Man with No Name : Okay, so I had to bother you every time I had a Guests question.  Sorry man, but it was worth it, right? Remember, come next year, you ARE DA MAN!  Good luck, voice of Otakon! ;)


Suke and Jently : I'm so sorry we didn't get to hang out - we'll make it up at Neko-con, right? :)

Art Black : Thank you for getting us Mr. Yam!  One of this year's personal highlights was meeting him.

Simon Yam : Okay, I normally would not put a "shout out" to a guest, but I can't help it.  I thoroughly enjoyed Lunch, and I'm looking forward to the hopes that you'll make more personal visits to the States.  The fans love you, and I'm glad you enjoyed your time here!

Thats it, go back to your pictures. ;)

We keep our staffers in a special place before and after the con..

The Men in Black are ready to work.

Don't laugh, he'll aim at you next. ;)

I'm so tired I'm even listing to the left..

No man, don't do it!! Don't use the rope!! Here's a gun.

This is CNN..  <cough>  Whoops, wrong con.

We are Otakon Staff.  You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile.

Oh My God its Sunday and we STILL LIVE!

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