Anime Central 2001 - Varnishes and Surface Layering

I find it interesting to sit down and write my review of Anime Central 2001.  Last year I attended ACen 2000, and had an absolute blast of a time.  Based on past history, I expected this year's Anime Central to truly stand and deliver.  The list of guests and events, going into the convention, did not disappoint.

Overly large crowds and a lobby under construction did remove some enjoyment.  These things aren't under convention staff control.  Other elements are.

Coverage of Anime Central 2001 is abbreviated, with only about two-thirds the usual coverage.  Due to an incident Saturday night that led to a serious disagreement with ACen staff, I chose not to cover Sunday in any way. 

I will not go into details, as Anime Central has attempted to make amends for the incident.  Nonetheless, I was displeased enough that shooting on Sunday was not a possibility.  I apoligize to the regular patrons of the site for the loss, and to the moments and people that deserved photographs from Sunday.

Still, despite problems with the convention as well as my own costume interfering with photography, there are some deserving photos.  Please take a look.

There is the usual "Con Report" for my detailed writeup and "Shoutouts" for my friends.

You are being watched..

A pretty smile will cure all ills.

Gojira shows a Moogle who's boss.

Somehow, a suitable ending to the weekend.

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