Animazement 2001 - Excellence is in the eye of the Beholder

I still remember fondly the last Animazement I attended in 1999.  Animazement 2001 held the same level of enjoyment and topped it, through no fault of its own.  It was thoroughly enjoyable, but this was primarily due to the participants and not really the convention itself.

I rate this con on a sleep rating of 3 : the average number of hours I slept a night. 

Photography at this convention was strange.  My participation in cosplay severely hampered my ability to shoot anything.  If there’s a strange cant towards a certain group of people in my photos, I can only apologize as those are the people I spent the most time with this convention.  There are, however a few gems in the collection, so make sure to screen them all.

The con report is slanted heavily towards reminiscing about the con itself and not necessarily a review of the con.  My shoutouts are a rather blatant mushy assault of the senses of those I shout at..  My personal favorites are of course, my favorite photos of the convention.

On with the pictures!


Memories of a wild gathering and people sitting on each other's laps.


Comeon Fairy Light My Fire?  (alright, I can't sing.)

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