Cosplay Shoot (1/2) - Photos taken by Otakon Staff Photographer "Yujinbito"
(Yes, we kept the blurry images when amusing enough. ;)
( The brave, BRAVE camera man who was in front of the stage on his knees during most of the show.  We're thinking next year we'll suspend him with bungee cord. ) ( Everyone's favorite objects, WIRE AND ROPE! ^_^;; ) ( More of it!  This pile was destined for use on the director after cosplay was over, but we decided to let him live. ^_^ ) ( One of the judges takes a bow when introduced. ) ( One of the younger entries. )
( You've got to respect someone who wears an elephant on her head and comes on stage in a little push car! ) ( I didn't realize how popular Space Channel 5 was till this skit. ) ( I'll be honest.  I haven't a clue what to say - Tho I suspect the bear does, staring at the microphone like that. ) ( We just kept this one for humor value - look, she's got speed lines! ) ( Its amazing what a good costume that shows leg does.  The crowd went wild on this skit.  It was, thankfully, actually a decent one tho. ^_^ )
( I believe this is part of an AMG skit? ) ( Okay, from my perspective, this was one of the most original skits.  VERY well done too! ) ( Eeep..  At Otakon 1999, we had a mecha fall apart on stage.. thankfully we didn't have any major breakdowns this year! ) ( Yeah, that's right, next time you GIVE us your lunch money! ) ( Another inventive skit - military Clow Key rifle-style drilling.  IN sync, obviously practiced.  Scary... )
( More of the Clow Key Drills. ) ( Revolutionary Girl Utena was a popular target for cosplayers this year. ) ( Sorry, but I haven't the foggiest who this is. ) ( I'm afraid of what kind of hospital these two run! I found that the louder the audienced cheered, the more I should be afraid. ) ( God, what are these two planning now?! )
( This group wreaked havoc on every camera trying to follow the action. ) ( However they had a beautiful set of costumes. ) ( The blur almost works on this one. ) ( Um.. I admit it. I know it Escaflowne, but who's the one between the catgirls? ) ( Poor group had a pretty rough start, wrong music...  Thus leading to the rise of CHAIR.. )

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