Cosplay Shoot (2/2) : Photos taken by Otakon Staff Photographer "Yujinbito" 
( You know, again, it takes alot of guts to go up and sing in front of over 1000 people.. ) ( Oh my god, its KENSHIN BOO!  He's not a man he's a CHICKEN! ) ( I am bunsen-burner man. ) ( Darnit!  I'm jealous!  I wanted to make a pocky costume! ) ( With balls these big, I don't need to. .. Ahem.  Never mind. )
( I pledge allegance, to the flag, of the United States of Otakon.. ) ( WB's gotta start dancing in the streets from all the free advertising they get through cosplayers.  ) ( Admit it everyone.  We were all waiting for a repeat of the rash of marriage proposals from 1999. ) ( I was at the Music Video panel when this guy walked across the boardwalk.. The panel stopped for three minutes to check it out. ) ( I have a staff!  BACK OFF! )
( Poke my belly button and see what happens..  AHHH!!! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! ) ( Okay, she's even got the facial expressions down.  This woman scares me. ) ( And who could forget Steve Bennett?  My goodness, whoever's cosplaying as Steve did an absolutely PERFECT job, down to the hat! ) ( Sing with me!  Weeee are the championnnnns.... ) ( Definitely one of the popular skits.. Fighting game and RPG crossovers, how can it fail? )

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