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Another year has come and gone - and the jokes about this website never being updated are becoming far too close for comfort! Despite this I soldier on. Another year of convention going has passed, marked off by Otakon 2005. Needless to say I've been busy, and there are new updates coming in the next few months. Some of the side projects include a new site for viewing my photos, and a place for me to market the stupid ideas I have. Drop by for a visit, and keep an eye out for new updates soon!

Curious as to where I've been? Otakon has been eating me alive. 20,000+ are coming to Baltimore, so see what the fuss is about. In other news, refreshed my links page. Check out the new forums, especially the new"primo" link! Oh, and by the way, I need fruit!

Junkbox updates for Nekocon 2003 are posting. Two years of backlog is making me rethink my photo coverage. Once some decisions are made, expect a full revamp of this site and a new site to appear. In the meanwhile, enjoy the photos that are up.

Goodness gracious, its been an insane 3 months. Those of you who still visit, thank your support! New for today, my little visit to a certain place called Big Apple Anime Fest. I could call it other things, but my mama taught me if I didn't have anything nice to say... Don't say anything. Ahh well, I'm only kidding. Somewhat.

No full coverage for BAAF, but there are some snapshots. Please feel free to see it in the Junkbox! There will be full edits done, but as I'm sure you know I've got a worse backlog than the Florida Election Board. Oops did I say that outloud? :)

Busy busy, quite busy in general. Nonetheless I found time to get back into the swing of things by indulging in a photoshop war over on the Cowboy Bebop Board.. If you'd like to see my entries, take a peek in the Junkbox. My personal favorite is here.. :)

:Several people deserve mention! The following sites had excellent images that I used for some of my source material. The Poster Image Archive has EXCELLENT scans of posters and was an excellent source for inspiration and some of the base images. Asteroid Blues is an excellent Bebop site with some excellent images. Jupe gets credit for popping up with general input, and Dommi gets big points for insisting on helping with the text for The Avengers spoof. :) Oh and of course.. Coffee. Sweet coffee...

Note. Please do not use images that you find here without at least letting me know. Definitely do not direct link any of my images, I don't appreciate the theft of bandwith. Oh, and NEVER use my images to sell your crappy bootlegs! If you do these three things, actions will be taken, such as the following...

Returned from Katsucon 9, 9.1, 9.infinity, Blizzardcon, Katsnowcon, or whatever you wish to call it. A blast (winter) was had, and the previews are up to prove it! Visit the Junkbox to see the full gallery previews as well as some high quality previews and omake.

Shocking! Brace yourselves! I've returned from Ohayocon 2003 and managed to post the digital previews in the Junkbox! Applause, congratulations,and checks are welcome.. :)


It's not the update to ACK that people have been waiting for, but I have relented. I've uploaded previews for every single backlogged convention. These are thumbnailed, low resolution viewable, unedited previews of what will eventually be photo retouched and posted in the ACK! portion of my site.

My apoligies for the delays in finishing the backlog. I hope the previews will assuage some of the fustration. Look for me at Ohayocon, as I will be photographing and adding to my backlog!

Happy Holidays! Editing is moving right along, along with other projects. If you're interested in hiring a designer, please feel free to look at my portfolio. *end self-plug*

In other news, Yaya Han has been featured in a "Cosplayer Profile" in the December issue of Newtype USA magazine. Two photos from FBND are used in the layout. Wander on over to her site, if you'd like more information. I've also added the file to my junkbox. While you're in the Junkbox, you can see a few of the photos from Nekocon 2002!

And of course, circumstances and my own laziness have made a liar out of me yet again. Nekocon 2002 has come and gone, and I am formally a year behind on updates. Never fear, I am planning what I call the "Nekocon Special" - where I will update both Nekocon 2001 coverage and throw in my 2002 Snapshots!

This hibernation is actually part of a surprise I'm trying to assemble for the end of the year. However, I do apoligize for the delays, and I thank every one of you who have been patient and continue to wait for me to get updates up. Today's update is minor, I've finally cleaned up the links page and thrown up a few new banners for sites that didn't have them.

Shocker of shocks! I'm editing photos again! Yes, the horrific backlog is slowly being dealt a nasty death as I hack away with my trusty machete. Nekocon 2001 coverage will actually be completed BEFORE Nekocon 2002!

Take a look in the junkbox for the Nekocon 2001 saturday and sunday previews, posted fresh off the Photoshop floor.

And the infamous backlog continues. In case anyone is wondering what the holdup is, I'm head of Publications for Otakon 2002.. (If you're going, keep an eye out for the program book and some of my photographs in there, and the layout work! I guarantee you'll love the pieces this year.)

Anyway, this means, you guessed it, zero free time to work on my backlog. Still, I promise that I have no intentions of not using the footage, and everything WILL eventually go up! For the time being, I've posted a few more things in the Junkbox. There's a brief gallery with pictures from dinner with guests from Anime North 2002.

Anime North 2002 has come and gone, and I'm now a gleeful 4 conventions behind in my coverage...  *bows in apoligy*   I've posted some previews of Anime North 2002 in the Junkbox - hopefully I'll be able to get back on track soon.  Thanks for your patience!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I'm still working on getting some updates put together.  For the time being, I've updated my links page.  I've also restored the Anime North 2000 ACK coverage.  I didn't expect reactions from people when I took down the Donut-con coverage, but hey, suprises happen. :)

Continuing what I hope will become a good habit, new updates for the Junkbox.  Nekocon images for Thursday and Friday. (Sans comments and thumbnails : Those go up when I post the entire report.  But you dedicated people get to see stuff before it ever gets so far. :)

For you people who actually visit me regularly just to see if I've posted stuff yet...
I've added the Nekocon B-Roll Gallery - photos only into the Junkbox.  Just to prove that I *am* working on stuff. ^_^;;

Added some more random pictures and stuff to the Junkbox.  Enjoy!  :)

Whoo, been a while hasn't it?  Two cons have passed, and I did in fact gather a mind-boggling 550+ photos for Ohayocon and Katsucon.  Combined with the Nekocon backlog, well.. I'll be busy.  During the long quiet time the site also passed the 30000 hit mark.  *eep*  I've added a minor segment to the website, if you 'd like to peek in the cluttered JUNKBOX to see random items and previews of conventions, go for it.

Minor Update : I've revised the "8 Faces of Harvey" page to reflect its current status and entrants.  Take a peek if you're interested in this ongoing video project. :)

Deleted three old coverage sections from ack! to make room for future updates.

Added the Broadway City DDR tournament gallery to ACK.

Completed Shoujocon coverage, finally.  Abbreviated coverage - but there are a few nice pictures.  Take a glance at what I saw over the course of two days.

Finally put in a small index page here..  Its not pretty, but it's functional.  I'll be cleaning this up once time permits.  I am currently working on Shoujocon coverage, and some other projects.  Expect some new content soon. ^_^;

After a long delay, finally updates are starting to be done.  Today, I'm glad to say that ALL of my Animazement coverage has been completed.  That's an additional eight galleries for you to view.  Enjoy!

9/11/01 - 9/13/01
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by September 11th's tragic events.  To everyone who wondered if I was okay, thank you, I am physically sound and mentally holding up. 

As a thought of hope, I can only say that even on the day of this event, as I walked through Manhattan, admid the results of the worst of the human heart, I saw the best of the human heart make itself known.  People out, doing anything and everything they could to help.

New Yorkers are a tough breed.  Humans are a tough breed.  We'll preservere. 

Well, Otakon 2001 as come and gone, and I've had a nice handful of photos and post con paperwork to sort through.   Since I was covering Otakon as part of Otakon's Photography department, coverage will be different or even altogether missing from this site.  However, for a quick preview of a few of the photos we managed to capture at Otakon 2001, visit the preview site.

I will be out of touch for two weeks.  More updates to follow after Labor day. :)  (Vacation, sweet vacation, here I come!)

I'm sorry for the sudden massive slowdown in updates!  I've been horribly swamped, and with Otakon 2001 around the corner, I'll continue to have a backlog for at least a few weeks if not more.

I will be on a panel at Otakon 2001!  "How not to run a website."  No, just kidding.  Look for me in Panel Room 1, Friday at 6pm.  I'll be part of "Otaku Shutterbugs and the Web" - we'll be covering webste design and con coverage/photography.  Hope to see you there!

While I'm out plugging, make sure if you're a costumer to visit the Photography Suite - I and the others in the Otakon photography department are trying something interesting. :)

When I get back, I'll be working on finishing Animazement 2001, starting Shoujocon 2001, and posting Otakon 2001 as well.   ... Three cons.. I'll be working on my computer till my eyes melt!

Anyone got a spare retina?

Added the June 2001 gallery to the NYC-DDR archives in ACK.

Animazement 2001 coverage begun - B-Roll 1 and 2, as well as the con report is available.  See the ACK section.  :)

Anime Central - Coverage Complete!

Anime Central - 2 additional galleries added.

May 2001 NYC-DDR invitational coverage added.

Saturday gallery is up in ACen 2001 coverage.

Well, I'm back from Anime Central, and I have some stories to tell.  However, I shall begin with photos.  Coverage has begun, visit the ACK! pages to start.

Finally made a new background.  This time its Vash the Stampede from Trigun, and it came out pretty decent.. Go check it out.  Its in the Backgrounds section.

Its finished!!! Katsucon is finally finished!!! JOY!  Also put up the initial root page for the Humpy World Tour - photos will be going up soon.

Took a break from doing Katsucon stuff to churn out the March 2001 NYC-DDR gallery.

ACK Katsucon 007 - All photo galleries are complete! Personal Favorites page for Katsu 007 is complete!  All that remains is the actual writeup!  Huzzah!

ACK Katsucon 007 - Saturday 2 Gallery added..  Almost done!

ACK Katsucon 007 - Saturday 1 Gallery added.  Spent over 5 hours on just one photo in this gallery... This is why it takes so long to get them up.. Sorry!! 

ACK Katsucon 007 - B-Roll 2 Gallery added. 

ACK Katsucon 007 - B-Roll 1 Gallery added.  Added comments to all the photos currently up.

Chugging away.. I've determined that I spend anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes editing every photo in an ACK gallery...  I'm one SLOW and PICKY person..  <sigh>  What does this mean?  It means I have another 16 hours of work to finish the Katsucon coverage, which means it'll be a week or so before its all up, unless I take some miracle drug that speeds up my productivity...  I could also stop editing each pic, but that'd be no fun... ;)

Anyway, 50 pictures up (the Friday Galleries) - go take a peek. :)

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Records of updates before March of 2001 have been lost to time.  Tho if you've actually read THIS MUCH of my update log, you must be bored, I can't be THAT interesting! ;)

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