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Update : 1/8/03
I've switched how I give previews, take a look at my Junkbox to see what I've been working on. My apoligies for the lack of updates, but I swear the 14 months of photos are still on my computer, slowly being attacked one photo at a time..


Welcome to ACK!  I started this section of my site originally as an excuse to attend conventions, but its since then expanded in its goal.  It's simple - if I take a photo and post a picture of you, then I'm trying to make you look GOOD.   Sometimes a good photo is a person, but sometimes its more random.  A moment like the light streaming in on the empty hallway of  a now abandoned hotel after the chaos of a convention, for exmaple.   Anyway, I'm getting boring, I'll shaddup now. ;)

Please note that coverage is taken while I wander - and I don't specifically try and cover any one thing.  This means my coverage is never comprehensive - its shot from a particular point of view.   I tend to pick who and what I take photos of, so please don't be offended if you don't appear in my photos! 

On that point - if you ever see me wandering around (I'm a tall asian wearing a pin with this site's logo..) - and want me to take your photo - just ask!  Anyone who ASKS me to take a photo of them will definitely appear somewhere.

I retouch about 95% of the phots I get in here.  Some retouch jobs are simple 3 minute processes, but I'm known to spend an average of 10 minutes per photo.  Extreme cases have seen me spend an hour or more on a photo.   An average convention's coverage can exceed 175 photos.  Why these specs?  Well, it roughs out to about 30 hours or more per convention..  Which is all a vain attempt to explain why it takes me so HORRIBLY long to get convention pages up. Sorry!  ^_^;;

Galleries have alternate text attached to the thumbnails.  PC users will be able to view alternate text by simply letting their cursor hover over thumbnails.  As of Animazement's coverage, I also included these comments on the bottom of each photo page.

If you're featured in any of these galleries and do not wish to be, email me with the gallery name and file name - I will remove your photo.

One last note regarding the galleries...  I use a straight square, 90x90 pixel format for each thumbnail.  For layout purposes there are times I have to cut some people out their thumbnail, this isn't personal!  I don't hate you and I don't think you're ugly!  I just had to make the cropped photo fit the layout..  .. don't hurt me..  ^_^;;

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