Anime Music Videos!

Welcome to the archive for FBND's anime videos.  All files are low resolution MPEG-1 files, 160x120, with a pretty low data rate.

Please feel free to send me feedback about these videos, I'm always looking for a good comment! 

Without further ado, the videos!
Harvey The Wonder Hamster
Created : 2/99
Length : 30 Seconds
Artist : "Weird Al" Yankovic
Anime Source : Tenchi Muyo OVA
Thoughts and Notes on Harvey
Created : 10/99
Length : 45 Seconds
Artist : They Might Be Giants
Anime Source : Rupan III : Fuma Conspiracy
Thoughts and Notes on Spider
Dig My Grave
Created : 1/00
Length : 67 Seconds (I broke the minute mark!)
Artist : They Might Be Giants
Anime Source : Slayers TV - First Season
Thoughts and Notes on Dig My Grave

Current Status :

I must admit to being amazed.  Even almost 2 years after my last major project, I'm still asked regularly when my next video is out.  I haven't helped that much, since every time I'm asked I've been promising new work "soon".

Regretfully, I have to come to grips with my busy schedule, and say that I honestly don't know when my next video will be produced.  The myriad number of interests and projects I have all conspire to keep me from getting the many video ideas I have done.

So, when will a new video come out?  I honestly am not sure.  I have plans, and I have new equipment that will allow me to make them, but I don't know when I'll be able to dedicate the time necessary to produce a new one..  So.. my apoligies to you all, and my sincere thanks for all the feedback and positive support I've received!  ..  Perhaps a new video shall come out, but until it begins, thanks for all the fun. :)

The 8 Faces of Harvey project - I have not received new videos for a while on this project.  I will assemble what I have in fact received, but I can no longer make promises and keep breaking them.  The preview site is here, and I will annouce when it is complete and functional. 

Shout outs, so to speak.

What follows is alot of useless rambling on and on about people who helped me. :)

Few things are solitary efforts, and the same goes for my videos.  Fly By Night Design is a one man studio, but I depend on friends and associates for much needed help in the creation of these things.  My thanks to all of them!  Of special note would be Elfman Entertainment, the help of Peter Elfman was instrumental in keeping me sane and giving me someone to assure me that the work was in fact, presentable.

I also have to say my thanks to the people at #CAML-Anime at, who were patient as I logged in every night to complain for hours straight about videos that weren't going to finish in time, computers crashing, lip syncs that just wouldn't fit properly, and in general, lose my head.  They helped keep me sane, and I thank em for that!

Also deserving of thanks would be some of the people over at the Anime Music
Video Mailing List.  If you're interested in making music videos, I highly suggest you get yourself signed on.  Its a great resource for experienced or new video makers.

At the risk of going on and on, let me also mention a few fellow video makers. Scott Argenziano, who has always been willing to swap horror stories as well as ideas (both good AND bad) for videos.  Scott, I'm still looking forward to your challenge!  Duane Johnson also should be mentioned, as one of the old school of video makers.  Both his videos and casual chatting when I first started editing helped keep my interest.  (The tips he passed on casually helped alot too.)  Yes Duane, I mentioned you, sorry, but I couldn't resist it.  <grin>

I'm glad that people enjoy the videos, and if you're one of the people who voted for me at one of the contests, thanks!  If you're one of the people who enjoys the
videos and makes it known at the cons, my thanks as well, feedback is what keeps most video makers coming back to spend more time doing it.  (So go out and cheer on the other video makers. Get outta here!  ;)

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